This piece began as a collaboration with my dear friend Deb at a most difficult time in her life, when she was undergoing chemotherapy. Simultaneous to treatment, Deb was renovating her home. There was a painting she had seen and loved yet could not afford so during her treatments, we sat and talked about her desires for this painting… Exacting lines, structure, colors that we both loved. So, with her beloved painting as my point of departure and our mutual affection for jewel tones, I began the journey.

It was my hope that Deb would gaze at each brushstroke and be witness to the fact that every mark expressed my love for her and hope for good health, the latter of which did not come to fruition. Deb passed away a short time after this piece was hung. With her passing came an opportunity to grieve and contribute dollars in Deb’s name. The sale of the original painting and limited series of reproductions helped continue Deb’s legacy. I'd like to think her goodness and the joy of this painting lives on in each home these reproductions .


Giclee Reproduction (large and small sized digital reproductions are available)


Deb's Song



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